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Nesting Doll NZ Māori Whānau 4pcs

Nesting Doll NZ Māori Whānau 4pcs

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These nesting dolls make a beautiful and interactive decoration. Featuring a family ("Whānau"), the design represents the legacy and generations of a bloodline. Inspired by Russian matryoshka dolls and designed in New Zealand.

  • Contains 4pcs (dolls):
  • The tane doll (largest) is 6.8cm in dia. x 13cm tall.
  • The wahine doll (2nd largest) is 5.1cm in dia. x 10.2cm tall.
  • The hine doll (2nd smallest) is 4cm in dia. x 7.5cm tall.
  • The tama doll (smallest) is 2.7cm in dia. x 5.6cm tall.

  • The full product in packaging is 15cm tall x 7.5cm wide x 7cm deep.

  • Hand painted.
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